In 2008, when we started activities, a sheet metal cellar was built so it could comply to the necessities for the first 2 to 3 years.

In that year, a total of 1,500 boxes were produced, of which 400 were Nebbiolo, 350 Nimbus and 750 Cumulus.

For 2009 the production increased to 2,150 boxes, being new to this vintage including our first white wine called KUIIY whose name means Cloud in Kiliwa language of the ethnic group from the same name.

In 2010 in addition to the three basic red, Nimbus, Cumulus and Nebbiolo and the White wine Kuiiy, a young red wine is included based on different grapes such as Cabernet, Carignan, Syrah and Garnacha.

This 2010 production is already elaborated in the cellar expressly for this vintage. Counting now upon a process based in handling of the fruit by gravity, which decreases the use of electric pumps for the management of these fruits. In this new cellar, strict hygiene measures will be met.