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Red Wine



Tasting notes

Year: 2008
Grapes: Garnacha, Carignan and Tempranillo.

Visual Appearance

Intese cherry red of violet hues, clean, Sharp and brilliant. Good adhesion and density, thick and abundant legs.


First Smell
Intense aroma, complex and elegant character, fruitiness perfectly balanced with the oak and delicate spiced touches. Young notes of red fruits, raspberries, cherries, plums and hints of blackberries are appreciated. In the spice character, delicate notes of rosemary and pepper appear discretely giving personality to the wine.
Second Smell
More fruitiness, hints that confirm spices and good balance of alcohol.


Good attack, presence of a marked tannic structure, one notes the woody character in the wine and a good ripeness of the fruit in the grape. Long permanence, rich acidity that contributes freshness with the lightly sour hints of the firm tannins that compose it. Good body and dry taste.

Pairing Recommendations

This wine should be paired with strong dishes and greasy textures. Ideal for a pork shank, a good marbled cut, as well as dishes of great flavor like a lamb ribs or a roast of great flavor.

Oenological Counselors

Victor Segura and Thomas Eggli.