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White Wine



Tasting notes

Year: 2010.
Grapes: Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay.

Visual Appearance

Straw yellow with greenish hues denoting youth . Clean crystalline, bright and good density with long, slender and abundant legs.


Intense nose of good expression, open aroma in fruit character, clean and elegant, notes of pineapple, apple, pear, light floral touches and great balance, equilibrium and harmony are presented.


Wine of medium high intensity taste, dry, pleasant and balanced acidity, long-standing fresh wine, good body and fruity aftertaste confirming its aromatic aspect and elegant expression.

Pairing Recommendations

TAll types of shell products, such as clams, tripe, oysters, lobster and shrimp.

Serving Recommendations

Temperature: 7-9 degrees.
Descorchar con anticipación (minutos): no.
Decant: no.
Transfer: no.
Aging Potential: low.
Aging Potential in Years: 2.

Oenological Counselors

Victor Segura and Thomas Eggli.