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Red Wine



Tasting notes

Year: 2008
Grapes: Mix of Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Visual Appearance

Intense red, red plum, violet hues, Sharp, brilliant, transparent, good density, long and constant legs.


First Smell
Good expression, fruity character, lightly vegetable, woody character of good balance. Cherries, plums, light floral Roselle tones.
Second Smell
Complexity, light smoked notes, touches of tobacco and roasted coffee.


Good attack, vibrant acidity, long permanence, moderate tannic structure, good body, dry taste, starts lightly acid and ends with good balance. Aftertaste of good fruitiness with elegant touches of oak, light toasted notes.

Pairing Recommendations

Pig in a blanket, salt aged Rib Eye cuts, rotisserie lamb, very strong cheese of thick crust and certain aging.

Oenological Counselors

Victor Segura and Thomas Eggli.