Foto Coleccion de Barricas

Red Wine


Collection of Plots

Tasting notes

Year: 2011
Grapes: Mix of wines.

Visual Appearance

Medium high color intensity, cherry red, lightly orange, clean, brilliant and of great density.


Intense, ripe fruit, hint of balanced oak, presents spiced touches of Rosemary and basil.


Potent, dry taste, pleasant tannins, long permanence, woody and spiced aftertaste, light animal presence and easy to drink, correct acidity.

Serving Recommendations

Excellent with saladas, pizza, beetroot with goat cheese and pasta.

Serving Recommendations

Temperature: 15-17 degrees.
Uncork beforehand (minutes): 15.
Decant: no.
Transfer: no.
Aging Potential: medium.
Aging Potential in Years: 4-5 Years.

Oenological Counselors

Victor Segura and Thomas Eggli.