Foto Syrah

Red Wine



Tasting notes

Year: 2011
Grapes: Syrah.

Visual Appearance

Deep red plum color, violet hues, clean, bright, good sharpness. Good adhesion of the wine in glass having thick, long and abundant legs.


First Smell

Sophisticated and elegant. Intense aroma of great complexity, hints of ripe fruit, notes of wet earth and mushrooms, woody touches perfectly balanced with gooseberries, blackberries and hints of cranberries.

Second Smell

Confirmation of ripe fruit, woody elegance, notes of earth and slight mineral notes of wet stones.


Great structure, good body, long permanence, balanced acidity, firm and elegant tannins, fruity and woody aftertaste, of fine expression yet good character.

Pairing Recommendations

Beef sausage, intense cheese, lamb, deer, fire roasted succulent cuts.

Oenological Counselors

Victor Segura and Thomas Eggli.