REGION: Valle de Guadalupe y Valle de San Vicente

VINICULTURE: Víctor Segura

VINIFICATION: Pre-fermentation maceration, fermentation in stainless steel with temperature control with select yeast with subsequent aging in 1/3 new french and american barrels for 12 months.

SERVICE TEMPERATURE: 18 a 20 degrees celsius

STORAGE TIME: Limited production to 14,700 bottles

It’s recommended to drink this wine now, or store to age in a cave up to 8-10 years.

Organoleptic Examination

On the eyes: In this wine we see a medium-high color intensity, cherry red, orange hues that indicate the maturity and evolution. Sharp, clean, bright, and overall well-rounded wine. High density that indicates the alcohol levels.
On the nose: Powerful and robust aroma, distinguished by fruit, new wood and mentholated scents. We can distinguish red fruits like, blackberries, currants, and raspberries
On the taste: Intense, dry, full bodied, with a long lasting tannic finish. Notes of wood, menthol and fruits. The acidity and alcohol, are balanced, creating a very elegant wine.
Pairing: We recommend to pair this wine with game dishes, or pungent cheeses. Dishes with fruit sauces, like duck with cranberry or cassis. In Mexican cuisine we recommend a delicious barbacoa.

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